Friday, June 10, 2011

Chris Evans wants you to vote (video)

Visa Signature VIP Red Carpet Screening:
Marvel Studio's Captain America star, Chris Evans, wants you to vote to bring the VIP Red Carpet Screening of Marvel Studios' Captain America: The First Avenger to your favorite city.


  1. Deronda, someone's made that video private. May they rot in hell. So here's another link you can use to get it back on your wonderful blog!!

  2. Thanx Tanja!! I hope you'll have a link for me of the Puncture trailer, cause this one is removed too :(

  3. I'll get to work now!!

  4. Try this

    It seems to be a problem recently. People in charge of Chris's publicity and also that of his films should be doing something about this. It is NOT good that information and publicity about his work should be restricted in any way. Who is responsible? Is it malicious or just short-sighted?

    As a start I would love for Chris to refuse all further interviews with MTV until they guarantee that we unworthy Europeans are judged fit to be allowed to see them too. Grrrr.

  5. Thanx Tanja, you're the best! :) Yeah I agree it's unfair when MTV or whoever decides what and what not we are allowed to see! I should say CHRIS EVANS FANS ASSEMBLE (LOL) No seriously, I hope that Chris's agency and all the MTV's of the world will understand that there are Chris Evans fans outside the US!!!!
    It's even more frustrating when you are able to watch a video at first and then a day or so later you can't. Thank God there are fans like you who'll give me a sign so that I can publish another video.