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The Story So Far - A Biography (chapter two)

The Story So Far - A Biography
Chapter Two
So it was 2001 and Chris Evans played a leadrole in the movie Not Another Teen Movie. This movie was directed by Joel Gallen and released on 14th December 2001. Chris's co-stars were Chyler Leigh, Jaime Pressly, Mia Kirshner, Eric Christian Olsen, Deon Richmond and Eric Jungmann. Among others.
(Chris & Chyler Leigh)
Chris played the role of Jake Wyler, a popular jock at John Hughes High School, who takes on a bet from his friend Austin (Eric Christian Olsen) that he can transform the ugly girl Janey (Chyler Leigh) into a prom queen before prom night. Jake's evil sister Catherine (Mia Kirshner) is trying to stop Jake from succeeding just as Priscilla (Jaime Pressly), Jake's cheerleading ex-girlfriend.

The scene we all know and love is the scene where Chris only wears whipped cream, cherry's and a banana. He said about this in an interview:"Yeah, I had to kind of warn my mom and grandma about that scene. They gave me this bag-like thing to wear - it was all I had on in the scene. They told me it would be a closed set, but that's not how it worked out. It was pretty strange to stand there with all those people around."

In 2002 Not Another Teen Movie was nominated three times at the MTV Movie Awards for Best Cameo (Molly Ringwald), Best Kiss and Best Line. The movie was also nominated by the Teen Choice Awards that same year.

(Chris & Jaime Pressly at the Not Another Teen Movie premiere)

Although the movie was a succes it wasn't Chris's big breakthrough. After Not Another Teen Movie Chris played in the television pilots Just Married (2003) and Eastwick (2002).

And in 2004 Chris played the role of Kyle in again a teenmovie The Perfect Score. Co-stars were Erika Christensen (Anna Ross), Bryan Greenberg (Matty Matthews) and Scarlett Johansson (Francesca Curtis). Just a few years later and Chris and Scarlett would meet again in the movie The Nanny Diaries.

The Perfect Score is a story about six high school seniors who are planning to steal the answers to the College SAT exam. With all consequences...

(to be continued...)

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The Story So Far - A Biography (chapter one)

The Story So Far - A Biography
Chapter One

Chris Evans was born on the 13th of June 1981 in Sudbury Massachusetts. His full name is Christopher Robert Evans and he's from an Irish and Italian descent. Chris's father works as a dentist and his mother is a dancer. Chris has two sisters and one brother. His sisters are named Carly and Shana and his younger brother is named Scott.
Chris attended the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School where he started acting in schoolplays and played in local theater. Soon his acting was praised by his drama teacher who saw Chris's talent. Chris moved to New York for a summer and attended acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. Through an internship he worked at a casting office and it was around that time he made his first contacts and became friends with casting agents.

After Chris graduated from High School he moved back to New York, where one of the casting agents he met before, took him on as a client. Chris began auditioning for roles in films and series, and this was rewarded with parts in TV series like Opposite Sex, The Fugitive and Boston Public.

Then it became 2001 when Chris got his first leading role in a major film titled Not Another Teen Movie ...
(to be continued)

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