Friday, December 16, 2011

The World According to Chris

by Emily Hebert
on December 15, 2011

Last night at the Thompson Lower East Side Hotel, Chris Evans held court as Gucci’s reigning fragrance king (the brand’s creative director, Frida Giannini, has called him“smoldering”). On the agenda: discussing his latest Gucci Guilty campaign, Gucci Guilty Intense. Unlike the original Gucci Guilty cologne, the Intense version has pumped up notes of amber and leather, making for a more sensual fragrance—and, of course, a steamier print ad and TV commercial (Evans and leading lady Evan Rachel Wood are thisclose).

Evans appears to be taking his sex symbol status in stride. “The character is a little bit cooler than I think I am—he’s a cowboy and drifter,” says Evans of the role he plays for Gucci. “But that’s what makes it exciting. It wasn’t just me frolicking around in the sand. When I met with [director] Frank Miller, we talked about backstory and character. Instead of being a model or prop, I was able to play upon the stuff I’m trained in, which I liked.” What else does Evan like?
1. Evan Rachel Wood. “There was instant chemistry. She’s young—she’s only 24—but she’s very mature, smart, and professional. When I was that age, I was picking my nose! We had to be very scantily clad and comfortable together, and if Evan had been any less than who she is, I think those scenes would’ve been harder.”

2. Gucci suits. “Back when I was 19 or 20 I was at my first press junket. It was for a critically acclaimed film called Not Another Teen Movie. It was the worst movie ever, but I had to go to an event for it and needed a suit. I didn’t have much money, but I splurged and treated myself to a Gucci suit. And I think if you go back and look at my professional career from 1999 to 2003, you’ll see that I wore the same Gucci suit! I wore it at least 30 times. It was the one nice thing I owned, and happened to be Gucci. Oh, the irony.”

3. Ponytails. “I really like when women wear ponytails. Is that weird? I especially like high ponytails. I love women who can live in sweatpants and sneakers. I don’t think women believe that, but I mean that completely wholeheartedly.”

4. Playboy magazine (or not). “I’m Irish Catholic, so I think I’m always a little guilty. But the first time I saw a Playboy magazine in third grade, I told my mother. I felt horrible. I’d been at my friend Tom’s house when I saw it, and I was silent the whole car ride home. When we got home, I said, ‘Ma, I have to tell you something—I looked at a naked lady.’ She said it was okay and that it wasn’t a problem. But I wasn’t allowed back at Tom’s house!

5. Boston. “I’m never going to be one of those guys that dumps on L.A. I like L.A.—I met a lot of great people there. It’s like a department store—it has everything, and it’s massive. If you can cut a life out according to your own personal cloth, it can be fantastic. But for me, Boston is just home. It’s where I’m from, and it’s where my family and friends are. From the time I started acting in ’99, I always said that if I ever can do what I do from Boston, I will. So that’s what I’m doing.”

6. Jeggings. “Should I know what jeggings are? I don’t know what they are. Oh, wait—they’re jeans with stretch to them, right? I wore a pair of jeans not too long ago that had a little bit of stretch to them, and they were great! Besides a good pair of jeans, I also like belts—a solid belt makes a statement. I’m not a fashion guru, but I’m learning!”


  1. I hate when successful actors use their fame to sell products. It's not art, it's not acting and it's demeaning. I can't take him seriously as an actor when he's doing shit like this. Also there are a whole load of underemployed models out there who could do with the work. These guys like Evans, Reynolds, Johansson, Theron etc all have work acting and they don't need the money so they should just do their fucking own jobs. It's just unashamed greed and pathetic need to see their faces in every magazine and on every billboard. Greedy fame junkies!!!! It stinks!!!

  2. To be fair if your in the entertainment business you don't know when your next pay check's coming in or if even there will be one. He may have signed up for this before he got the security of the Captain America deal for all we know. He'll do low budget stuff like Puncture so he's not really greedy, is he?
    There is the element of 'look at me, look at me, see how pretty I am' but that's actors for you. They get nervous if there not the center of attention for five seconds.
    But everyone says he's a lovely guy with a good heart so maybe he's using the extra money for good stuff like his family and charities. I bet you he is.

  3. I don't approve of celebrities exploiting their fame to sell products. They should make up their minds about what they want to be. Artists or commodities to be sold for advertising.

    But I do approve of Chris Evans as an artist and believe he is a talent who is getting better and better. I do also approve of him as a person and trust him that he had his reasons for doing this and if I know him those resons will not have been selfish.

    It is also a damn good commercial and if he's going to get involved in this type of thing at least it's a really good one.

    But as a huge fan of him as an artist I hope and pray he NEVER does any shit like this again.

  4. Oh, pleeeeasse. Don't overcomplicate things. It's ALL about the dollar. As soon as you make your first million your desparate for your next.

    If your an actor the only thing thats worse about being recognised in public is not beign recognised. You need to keep your face out there as much and as often as possible. Its part of the job.

  5. It just pisses me off that people who are rich enough to afford to buy their own stuff get given freebies! He'll be given a heap of Gucci clothes to wear for free when the rest of us have to save for years to afford stuff like that. The richer you are the less you have to pay for things. Hilarious. But maybe he gives them to charity or to his buddies and stuff. Probably does, coz he's supposed to be a great down to earth guy. I've read he's really kind and generous.

  6. He's a fantastic actor and wonderful person and it's up to him what he does.

    As BB said, whether you approve or disapprove at least it's an amazing looking commercial and way better than the other perfume commercials.

  7. I'm with Tanja. He's my favourite actor and by all accounts a really nice guy. I'd rather he stuck to acting but it's his decision and I'll respect his right to make that decision. He's still my dude.

  8. You are having a fit because actors do commercials? An actor is an actor, no matter what format of media they do. This particular project probably called to him because of the idea intrigued him of being out of the ordinary scent commercial and because of Frank Miller. He's not the type to do something because he wants the notoriety, he does it for the experience, and I say Kudos!

  9. He admits here it was all about the money

    The only thing I don't really understand is that he often stresses out about losing anonymity and the negative side of fame. But if the money's good he's happy to have his face in thousands of magazines and on posters in all the shops and in commercial breaks and on billboards ..........

    I just wish he'd shut up about wanting his privacy when he's clearly happy to sell it to the highest bidder.

  10. Funny how they are having a fit about modeling when the next article on this site is him modeling for a good cause.....

  11. So he got into this project right after the Losers... BEFORE he hit it big, and we are talking big as in Captain America, where there are a bunch more fanatics that would crucify him if he did the character wrong. He didn't know that this ad would be released and pushed during the success of the movie. So how is he looking for this popularity? For all he would of known if no CA would of happened, he would of maybe ended up with a flop of a movie this year and a perfume ad as his payday, and considering we don't know exactly how much he gets paid he might just be getting by with a movie or two a year.

  12. I'm SO glad you said that Anonymous.

    I adore Chris Evans and would defend him anyway I have to admit. But it's all true. You can't predict these things. Lots of things have worked out for him really well recently. This has probably brought him more publicity than he could have predicted when he signed on. Captain America has made people pay attention to these commercials in a way he couldn't have foreseen at the time.

    Anyway, at least he looks amazing and the money is better in his pocket than someone who's going to blow it on Ferraris and drugs. He's the type who would give someone the shirt off his back and make sure no-one knew.

    I have to wonder why people who obviously don't like him are spending their time on a site for and by people and do. It's an old cliché but a true one ...... get a life!!!!!!!

  13. Amen to that. That should answer Mikki's point.

    I'm with Tanja - who's with Andy :-)

    Leave him alone. He's an amazing actor and a good man / brother / son / uncle / buddy.

    And he's still my dude too!

    As TC has not replied so I presume having stirred up the hornet's nest he/she has disappeared.

  14. The last few comments has been Newbie... The support group travels lol ;)

  15. Guess you worked out that BB is Baz, Andy is Andy and I'm Vanya. :)
    To the defence of Cevans!


  16. That's a blast. I'm here too!! We're the rescue team.

    I was just going to add - following on from the Huffington Post link in which Chris was being typically honest - that there is absolutely nothing wrong with money .. only mis-spent money. I see absolutely no evidence that Chris Evans mis-spends his money.

  17. Sorry folks. I'm clearly in a minority but I agree with TC. Nothing specific about Chris Evans because as you've all pointed out has the rep of being an extremely nice man. I'm OK with less well-known actors doing it to make a living, I just don't like big name actors using their fame to promote products. I accept that he wasn't really a big name when he signed up to Gucci but now he's an A list actor I hope he'll avoid this kind of work. I can't even explain why. It just gives me a bad feeling and also when I watch that actor in a movie again my head's full of the commercial. I'm now in front of my TV watching Ocean's Twelve and I'm expecting George Clooney to start talking about Nespresso at any point! To me George Clooney is a Nespresso machine salesman. Actors need to be very careful about doing commercials because if the commercial is a real big success they will always be associated with that commercial not their work in movies.

    Whatever, I swear to God if I see another perfume commercial in the run up to Christmas I'll put my foot through my TV screen!!

  18. I hate it much more when really wealthy professional sports personalities do commercials. How many swimming pools do they need?

    As for Chris Evans, he's not in that category but he earned for Captain America as a basic payment what a school teacher would have to work for about ten years to equal. And no, nothing he'll ever do will be worth the work of one school teacher so grabbing even more for stuff which is not making movies to say something to people is just sticking the finger up at hard working ordinary people who will never see the kind of money he already has. He's probably not so nice, you know.

  19. Jesus, enough already. This is going on forever and it's pointless. Also don't forget he's a human being and if he read some of this it would be hurtful.

    The answer to Mikki is what Joel said. There's no such thing as bad money just money that's misused or wasted. What he spends the money on is up to him but with his Catholic guilt complex I'd be suprised to see him suddenly wearing $30, 000 watches!! He's not the type. Neither is he the type to shout from the roof tops who he gives a helping hand to.

  20. Mikki just because you hate working at McDonalds and make minimum wage is your problem not his. We all make of what we do for a living, stop being jealous of his career and money and any other actor for that matter. Stop watching TV, going to the movies, reading trashy magazines and stop listening to the radio if it bothers you so much. Actors make their rate from how much the public wants to see them, so go ahead and boycott them all and start a movement, then I can respect what you are saying. You want to change the world then do it!

  21. I think you missed my point. I have no problem with A list actors' wages. Captain America has made $368,404,656 for Marvel so far and that's largely due to Chris Evans and I think he's a right to a big chunk of that. If he's only got $300.000 as reported then that's not enough. He should get more. My point is that actors on that kind of money don't need to make extra money on the side.

    It's not me being jealous it's them not being sensitive the hardship others around them.

  22. We've already established that he signed up for this BEFORE Captain America so your argument, which I understand to be honest, doesn't apply to Chris. God, I hate it when people take a pop at him like this, I know I won't sleep tonight. He's so lovely. How did this start? TC!!?

  23. Then scroll to the next article down on this site, it's about him lending his face as a model for a good cause, and keep going through the site you will keep finding other articles about him doing charity work. And if it is true that he made chump change on Captain America, then I guess he does need to pick up side work, remember half that money still goes to the IRS .

  24. The IRS comment is true enough. The more you earn the more you contribute. Which is the right thing to do.

    Enough already. Case closed.

  25. Well, what goes around ........

    If in the long term he's remembered as the Gucci commercial guy and not a maker of films then the only person who'll regret that will be him.

  26. Don't really know what provoked TC into that outburst but it's nice to see so many people coming to Chris's defence because he deserves it.

    The days of actors just acting are long gone. It's all about being a celebrity nowadays. It's interviews, fashion shoots, appearances at launches and parties. It's about getting articles written about you, videos on Youtube, wikipedia entries, gossip columns, paparazzi and yes, it's about doing commercials too.

    I'm sure he'd love to just do acting and then go home and be left alone but he can't.

  27. I love this guy. He's the hottest guy on the planet. Those eyelashes are unreal.

    You paint a bad picture there Evansfan. It can't be so bad surely. When he's promoting a movie he's contracted to do appearances and stuff but beyond that its just his choice. If he wanted to just act and then go home he could do just that most of the time. The launches and parties and events are just him having a good time but he does have to pose for pictures at the press wall on the way in which is a pain in the ass but he knows that beforehand. Don't worry for him, he's having a ball. :))

  28. funny i thought this was a fansite?!hmmm

    anyway, i dont care what reason chris has for doing gucci guilty, if i get to see his beautiful face plastered from wall to wall in every big store i go in i have no objections.

    He's the sweetest guy on the planet, i doubt for one minute he did this to "make his next million". Whatever his reasons are, they were the right ones. The advert is amazing and he got to work with acclaimed artist Frank Miller. Happy days! And Chris did say that using his celebrity could help him get into directing, get smaller pictures off the ground and give him a foot in the door. I think he's too much of a good guy to be that greedy or fame wh0ring...

  29. Anonymous! I love you!!

  30. Looking on the bright side. The troll did get people involved in a discussion. Never seen this blog so lively!!!

  31. If some of you complain about an actor doing a commercial, then you should also go to James Franco, George Clooney, Leonardo Dicaprio and a bunch of actors that i can't remember their name's sites and write down in their comment section of how hate you see those actors earning dollars from being an image of a product and how they are supposed to stick to the acting only!

    And who the hell are we to say what an actor should or shouldn't do? Please...

  32. I love the advert, anything that means i get to see him looking hot as hell on a daily basis is fine by me, plus the perfume is definitely worth saving up for a it smells amazing. J