Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Because we love him no matter what

This photo is my gift to every true Chris Evans fan!
Although I respect everyone's opinion keep in mind that this blog is a Chris Evans fansite and not a Chris Evans bashing site. So the next time you want to call someone a greedy fame junky, do it on another site!
So this photo is for every true Chris Evans fan and it gives me the opportunity to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year!!!

Love & Respect


  1. I agree!
    Thanks, Deronda! Wish you merry xmas and hny too!)))

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year back D! Thanks for all the hard work on this site! :)


  3. eugh, he would be my ideal xmas present!!
    Merry xmas and happy new year everyone! xxx

  4. Deronda, Thank you so much for this awesome site!
    I love you Chris Evans, and your amazing personality, and your movies too!
    Merry Xmas for ALL Chris Fan!!!


  5. Deronda, Thank you so much for this awesome blog!
    i love chris evans since i watched not another teen movie, merry xmas for you too xd

  6. Clearly, anyone believing Chris to be a greedy, fame junky hasn't spent a lot of time LISTENING to what the man has to say about the fame thing -- or paid attention to the span of his career.

    You go, Deronda! And what a delightful picture choice. ;o)

  7. Thanks Deronda! A lovely picture and a lovely message.

    Baz has convinced me it was a 'troll' who just came in to deliberately stir things up as they quickly disappeared again. Or a drunk, bitter, unemployed model :) LOL If it happens again I'll try to ignore it.

    Enjoy the holidays everyone. Sretan Božić.

  8. Troll models are the worst! lol

    Keep the faith. And thanks for a great site.

  9. I'm a fan! thats y i come here. Haters should go some where else.. hahaha.

    Anywayz keep up the good job! & Merry Christmas!!!

  10. Merry Christmas, Deronda! ;)
    Thanks for the pic. I'll definitely post this on my Twitter, and mention @chrisevansblog as well, for sure! :)

  11. ... and although the troll achieved their aim of upsetting everyone, they also had the effect of bringing out the 'we-love-Chris-Evans-brigade' ready for battle.

    I think I can speak for everyone on the
    chris-evansv.net site and say thanks to Deronda for this fantastic 'sister/brother site' which is always so good for news and pictures. Also to wish everyone a great time over the Christmas period.


  12. Hi Deronda, I'm Michelle from chris-evansv.net and I just want to join Baz and everyone else in wishing a great Holiday season and also to say well done on the site.

    The troll was annoying as they clearly didn't know a thing about what makes Chris tick.

    Love and best wishes from Chicago.

  13. Merry Christmas to you too Deronda!
    You did a great job on this blog and I'm really thankful about it! :)
    We Chris fans get to see our Chris growing hah!
    anyway, happy new year and keep it up,sis!

    ~Love from Malaysia

  14. This is one of the drawbacks of the cult of celebrity. Someone having read a couple of articles, full of inaccuracies about a person they've never met and on the basis of that presume they know this person so intimately that they can make judgements about how they think and what their motives are. More than that, they are free to publish on-line, anonymously, whatever they have concluded. And this is what has happened here. It has aroused anger in this case because Chris Evans is so clearly a well-raised, down to earth, honest and kind hearted man.

    However, we are none of us innocent. Film fans like us (I include myself),film critic websites, fansites, TV, radio, autograph hunters, photographers, gossip websites, film studios all play a part in the modern cult of the celebrity. The celebrities themselves, even those as modest as Chris Evans, are to blame too. How much of what they do off the film set is designed to promote themselves as a celebrity? Some avoid it almost completely and some seek it out deliberately.

    I won't fall into the trap of judging Chris Evans and saying where he stands on this spectrum of publicity seeking. Does he live his life as a private person or does he do things to promote his status as a celebrity? Does he try to balance the two? Only he can answer that question. I suspect he can't win. If he avoids events unconnected to his work to which he is invited purely because he is a celebrity he will be accused of being stand-offish or a recluse. If he is seen to be at every launch/promotion/party/event/celebrity night club etc. he will be accused of being a publicity seeker. Rock and hard place! But this is the world he has chosen to live in and it is not without pitfalls.

    Nevertheless, I personally know Chris Evans to be fine young man. He adores his family and with good reason. They are a wondeful family. His oldest friends, few of whom are in show business, mean the world to him. Whilst he has made many, many friends in the world of Hollywood, his heart remains at home with the friends he grew up with. He gives generously of himself, his time and his money with an open heart and without any publicity. He does not actively seek out fame although he has been ill-advised at times in his choices and is going to have to think more carefully about where he goes, who with and why if he is to avoid being sweapt away by the tsunami of celebrity fascination.

    He seems equally to attract intelligent, sensitive, articulate and dedicated fans. This site and chris-evansv.net being obvious examples. I admire your dedication and efforts.

    Chris Evans is one of the finest actors of his generation and one of the nicest men in Hollywood. In fact, he is one of the nicest men you could wish to meet. I wish him well from the bottom of my heart.

    New York 12-21-11

  15. @ Film Critic
    We all do. Lovely contribution.

  16. Wishing a Merry Xmas to everyone, especially Deronda ! Keep up the great work :)
    Aur aapko naye varsh ki hardik shubhkaamnayein!

    Enjoy the Holidays everyone!
    Lots of Love from India

  17. PS in case you're wondering, "Aur aapko naye varsh ki hardik shubhkaamnayein" is Happy New Year in Hindi ;)

  18. Until recently I worked in a club in West Hollywood and we got our fair share of celebrities in. Some of them are total jerks and talk to you like you're a slave and they like to show you how rich they are. We all know who's doing drugs and who's sleeping with who. It's pretty hilarious.

    But I can tell you we all just LOVED Chris Evans. He's really polite and sweet. He likes a drink but he's kind of like a little boy if you know what I mean. He never gets bad tempered even if you get the order wrong or he has to wait a long time. He just says 'no problem'. He makes fun of himself. He doesn't hang out with big names, he seems to have his regular group of buddies. He gets a lot of girls hitting on him and he deals really well with them, he's actually kind of shy. He'll chat to them, have a dance then get back to his buddies. And everyone says he's NOT doing drugs or sleeping around.

    Working in those places can be actually pretty horrible - and you have to smile all the time at the jerk offs. But I'll miss seeing little Chris and his smiling face and goofy baseball hats!

    Great site. Keep it up and Happy Holidays to all you guys!

  19. Beautiful Picture!! & Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! for you, I Love the Site & thanks for the news Chris Evans ♥.

  20. Hey, bargirl! I think we should run a site where people who've waited on celebrities could exchange tales!

    I worked in LA for a couple of years in one or two restaurants and in one club. A lot of the crowd were celebrities and most were OK to be honest. Some were adorable and some were just horrible. No names - they'd probably sue. What I hated more was the attitude of the managers and maitre d's who would prioritise celebrities because it looked good to have celebs in and they have more money to spend. I remember at a club a 25th birthday party of a girl being turned away even though they'd reserved a VIP table and everything. I heard the girl was in tears outside but the table had been given to a celebrity who'd asked for a VIP table at the last minute. I don't blame the celebrity because they had no idea they'd been given somebody else's table. For that reason alone again no names but it wasn't Chris Evans!! But I'd urge celebrities to double check when they book late that they haven't been given an 'ordinary person's ' table. It happens a lot.

    Anyway, about Chris Evans. I never saw him in our club but I did wait table on him a couple of times in a restaurant and he is pure nice. I hate it when you put a plate in front of someone and they act like you're invisible. I remember he always smiles and says thank you. It's not much but it makes a difference. He's a looker but Hollywood is wall to wall hot guys so it means nothing. He's just polite and nice and doesn't hit on the waitresses like some of them do. He just always seemed like the kind of guy your mom would love you to bring home!! :)

  21. I love you, thanks for the great job!

  22. I'm a huge Chris Evans fan and love coming to your sites for news, updates, and photos! Shake the haters off!

  23. hi everywan!!!!!!!! who see chris Evans in real?