Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chris Evans attends the opening of the New Balance Experience Store at NY

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  1. Honey, I hope Chris never loses that down to earth humbleness he has. It's charming and endearing which makes him likable. So many people celebrity or not can get so caught up in the high of it all and lose that sense of who they really are and where they came from.
    So Mr Evans, from Boston (please tell me your not a redsox fan and we will be cool, if not come back to NY and I'll show you a real team *cough*Yankees....sorry I got caught up there) if you read this, stay true to who you are sugah, your mama would probably be more proud and your fans will adore you more... If you don't hit me up, we'll have a couple of beers and have my moms a give ya a slice of her humble pie *grins*
    Good luck on your road to a yes, less solitude life but a joyous and long successful career. I'm sure this blog is with me in this.

    Mucho Amor
    ~Ms Ru