Monday, August 8, 2011

Chris Evans at the Midsummer's Night Dream Party

Chris at the Midsummer's Night Dream Party at the Playboy Mansion.


  1. ...And one for us girls

  2. The depths some people will sink to just to grab an extra 15 minutes of fame!! Now he's a big name I see fame-whores and billionaire pornographers are his company of choice.
    You aren't judged on what you say Evans but on what you actually do. Because words are cheap.

  3. I LOVE Chris Evans but sometimes I wonder he can walk, he has shot himself in the foot so many times. Does he have a functioning brain cell!!?? Is he the dumbest creature on God's earth?

    Chris for the love of Steve until you develop some judgement just stay the fuck in and invite your buddies over. You're not safe in public!! Love you xxxx

  4. IMHO Chan is probably wrong because Anonymous is probably right. sadly. i could just imagine if there was some party and there was enough booze and it was in a celebrity hot spot he'd be there partying and having his picture taken ... completely unaware that it was a bash thrown by a tobacco company to raise money to promote smoking among the children of Asia. i exaggerate for effect but really that's how stupid his judgement is. i depair. so yeah anon has a point he could do with staying the fuck in until his brain catches up with his muscles.

  5. The sad thing is that this ego-fest is considered OK among the celebs of LA. Its quite the party of the year for them. In a city with some of the worst poverty in the US the rich and famous prance around in their nightwear and underwear drinking free booze and sticking their middle finger up to the real world. If only the poor, the jobless, the homeless rushed the door and invaded the party. How cool would that be.
    My ire towards Evans is that he poses as an ordinary guy and a liberal whilst he dives headfirst into the absolute worst example of LA out of touch, fuck the poor, look at me I'm a star excess. So he's worse than the others because he's a liar and a hypocrite.
    Bitter? Damn fucking right I am. The poor should rebel!!!

  6. Something different: What kind of sweater he wore? What is the brand? I think that looks good.

  7. Or how about:

    - he wanted to take some friends for a fun/special night out not really for himself

    - he didn't volunteer for the posed photo and was just too polite to say 'Jesus, no I don't want my picture taken with you'.

    - he hoped with the place being so full of celebrities he might pass unnoticed

    - the rich burning money on trash whilst the poor wonder where the next meal is coming from happens all over not just LA and Chris can't be blamed for it and it does make him uncomfortable. He puts his hands in his pocket to help a lot more than most. In fact when he gets money he thinks as much if not more about what he can get for other people than what he wants himself. He's just like that.

  8. Anybody?
    What kind of sweater he wore? What the brand is?

  9. Some of you are pathetic. Chris your awesome