Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hayley Atwell speaks about Cap & Chris Evans

In the latest issue of SFX magazine Hayley Atwell talks about her role of Peggy Carter in the upcoming movie Captain America: The First Avenger. Here's what she had to say about Cap and Chris Evans:

What's her relationship with Cap?
There's a frisson between them where she won't five in to his charms, and you realize she likes him because of how bad he is with women, and she finds that enderring as opposed to people who are trying to charm her in other ways. She's so sick and tired of it, of that kind of attention,, that he's a breath of fresh air.

How's it been working with Chris Evans?
Amazing. I don't think that Chris's audience or fans know just what a talent he is. He's a brilliant singer, he tapdances to prepare for his scenes - as well as doing press-ups, of course, and other manly things! - and he's an incredible mimic. And we share a love of some classic '90s films. He's always coming up with one-liners from them. He's a very, very generous guy, and I think what's wonderful is that he's bringing a vulnerability to Captain America. it's not just about being macho and two-dimensional, and I think that audiences will see a whole different side of him.

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