Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chris Evans: I always feel guilty

Chris Evans wishes he had more time to keep in touch with family members and indulge in pursuits such as yoga.

Chris Evans thinks he often suffers from a guilty conscience due to his Irish origins.

The 29-year-old American actor is of both Italian and Irish descent and was raised in a Catholic environment. The religion famously encouraged adherents to confess their sins on a regular basis.

Chris often feels guilty about his behaviour, and can cite a long list of things he feels bad about which include staying in bed too long.

“Well, I killed a man once. Don’t tell anyone [laughs]. What do I feel guilty about? There’s a list. I should read more, I shouldn’t sleep so late.

“I’m half Irish so I have a lot of Catholic guilt,” he told the British edition of Cosmopolitan.

The talented actor leads a hectic showbiz lifestyle, and often has to travel across the globe shooting films or promoting them. This means he doesn’t always have the chance for pursuits such as keeping fit or staying in touch with family. “I should ring my grandma more, I should go to church more, I should do more yoga, I should eat less sugar, I should follow politics more,” he added.

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