Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chris Evans & Producer On Steve Rogers' Morals in Captain America: The First Avenger!

Chatting with USA Today from the set in England, while filming for Marvel & Joe Johnston's much-anticipated Captain America: The First Avenger movie was underway, the star Chris Evans and Producer Stephen Broussard subtly elaborates on what makes Steve Rogers paramount and more.

"Steve has been dealt kind of a lousy hand in life," Evans says. "He's 5-foot-nothing. He's 110 pounds. He's got a lot of ailments, but it hasn't made him bitter or jaded or anything. Even after he's given this great gift, he still continues to do the right thing, not to prove anything to anyone other than himself. He just has this great moral code."

"The first cover issue of Cap punching Hitler was definitely a political statement," says producer Stephen Broussard. "Like today, the country was divided and there were people who thought we should go over there and do the right thing, and there were others who said it was Europe's war and to stay out of it."

"Captain America was invented essentially for American propaganda. I mean, who was going to be like, 'Nah, the Nazis, they were OK. They had a few (good ideas)!'" Evans jokes. "It's safe to say we can all agree it's pure evil, right there. So it's fantastic to create a character of pure good, pure honesty and true morality, and say this is ultimate bad against ultimate good."

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