Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'Captain America' Actor Sebastian Stan Expects Re-Shoots, Raves About Chris Evans

Sebastian Stan is back in New York after months spent in the UK filming "Captain America: The First Avenger." But Stan won't have to wait for a potential sequel or role in "The Avengers" to jump back into character as Bucky Barnes. That's because the 27-year-old expects to be called back to set for re-shoots in the coming months.

"It was from July up until December. We're finished for right now," Stan, who was honored as one of MTV News' 11 to Watch in 2011, said about the shoot. "The possibility of re-shoots is definitely a high percentage. But I think that always helps, because you can come back to it and see what it is that needs to be added or taken away. I think we'll have a little bit of that too."
Re-shoots on such a massive production, of course, are par for the course, and Stan certainly isn't complaining.
In a wide-ranging conversation this week, the actor spoke glowingly about the project, never more so than when he touted his work alongside the Captain himself, Chris Evans.
"You always hope that you're going to be able to work with people that you get along with. Chris and I got along so well," Stan said. "I love that guy. Not only did he really fill out his shoes in terms of being a leader and taking the movie on his shoulders — he did that very naturally, he's a natural leader — but we also got along so well."

Stan revealed that the majority of his screen time has him acting opposite Evans and that the two guys struck up a close, collaboration-friendly working relationship.
"Most of my scenes are with him, so I had the great ability to go to him to talk about the scenes," he said. "He became my right hand man throughout the process."

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