Friday, December 24, 2010

Captain America in Veronica magazine

(Article is from Veronica Magazine a Dutch tv-program magazine)

Captain America: The First Avenger


It's a strange sensation when you walk on the set of a superheromovie between American soldiers from WOII.

After the succes of the "Hulk" and the "Iron Man"-movies there were more and more voices to finally devote a big blockbuster movie to Captain America. In our country a not so familiar superhero, but in his own country he's been popular for generations. 'Cap' was born during World War II as a feared enemy of the nazi's. Nowadays the propaganda is no longer required so now he is fighting evil in general. The movie about his beginning takes place for a large part in New York during the forties. Filming on location was difficult, but Manchester and Liverpool turned out to be perfect to continue as Brooklyn. The filming there caused some headaches though, because the public filming spots were difficult to keep secret. For example the filming of a car explosion in Manchester was online within six minutes.

When we visit the set, the whole crew has relocated to a couple of studio's within London where work continues to the impressive decors. They work against the clock, while filming on one set, the next is still under construction. It's like we are walking on a construction site, where the walls are hanging full with blueprints of the most fantastic constructions. Some of them are so big that just a part of it is build. Production designer Rick Heinrichs:"The nice thing of Captain America is that it's a mixture of World War II and sciencefiction. Some ideas from then are transported to modern times. We wanted to do justice to history and at the same time to the comic."

That explains why we see American soldiers walking around and girls with prewar curlers in their hair. The male lead in this movie is played by Chris Evans who seems to be more at ease in his military garb then in his futuristic, tight, Captain America suit. Or so he says. Unfortenately we won't get to see this suit.

Captain America will be in cinemas in july 2011.

Source: Veronica Magazine

I translated a part of the article. I apologize for any misspellings or wrong translations.

(27-12-2010 Update: I replaced the old scans for better ones)


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  2. Dude, seriously, tell us what the work-out was. You're freakin' huge in this flick! 3500 calories of red meat a day or what?!


  4. Does the flying dirt effectively make you think “Ah, it’s set in WWII,” or does it just make you wonder why Cap’s so somber while artillery explodes?!

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