Monday, May 24, 2010

Chris Evans on Captain America and the Fantastic Four Reboot!

The actor talks about playing more than one superhero, shares his thoughts on the Fantastic Four reboot, Robert Downey Jr and whether he's going to go blonde...

On Playing More Than One Superhero:

"I don't think Fantastic Four has anything to do with Scott Pilgrim or anything to do with The Losers. The only thing Captain America and Fantastic Four have in common is that they're both comic book movies. I think if you had played a doctor in a movie seven years ago, does that mean you're never going to play a doctor again?"

On The Differences Between Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark And His Captain America:

"Robert did such an amazing job with that role, but the role was a certain way. I don't think Steve Rogers has the swagger and the attitude and the moxie that Robert brought to Tony Stark. I think there's going to have to be a different approach."

On Changing His Hair Colour For The Role:

I don't know if I'm going to go blonde! I have no clue. This is all so fresh."

On The Movies Script And Reading The Comic Books:

"I've read the script and I've got an idea based on all that, but in order to make sure the true fans are happy and satisfied, I have to start reading some comic books in order to get an idea of who this guy is and where he came from, before I can start building the character."

On The Fantastic Four Reboot:

"Am I happy about that? I'm almost indifferent! No, I had a lot of fun playing Johnny Storm - I really did. Human Torch followed me around. Little kids are amazing - they can spot me in a crowd. I can have a beard, I can have a hat, I can have sunglasses on and they'll pick me out!"

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