Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Want to become an extra in the new Chris Evans movie?

If "appear in a real-life motion picture" is on your bucket list, it's time to cross it off, no acting skills required. Safety Point, a film starring Fantastic Four's Chris Evans and Law & Order's Jesse L. Martin and based on a story by Houston attorney Paul Danziger, is shooting in Houston for the next five weeks, and they are looking for extras.

Ok, so there's no pay, but what monetary compensation could equal a story to tell at parties that will last a lifetime? Shoots start Wednesday—as in, tomorrow—and go through March 12. Most days will last about five hours and include lunch, with different numbers of extras needed depending on the scene.

The movie is described as "A David-and-Goliath law drama about a drug-addicted lawyer who takes on a health supply corporation while battling his own personal demons," and will be filming courtroom, office, residential and hospital scenes around town—meaning no standing out in the cold or rain between takes.

Interested? Contact producer Jordan Foley at Who knows, in a couple years the back of your head could be seen by millions across the globe.
by Sarah Rufca for
9th februari 2010


  1. Love that picture!!

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  3. Thank you for your kind words, It's good to know that people like this blog! And Chris Evans rules!!!

    I always appreciate your comments.


  4. hey guys! this movie, Puncture, is about my uncle mike weiss. i am so proud of Chris, not only because he is my actor, but because this must have been a hard part to play. i want to thank everyone who made this film possible. it means so much to me, and my family. i never got to really meet my uncle, so i hope that this movie will help me understand him a bit better. when i got to go on set and be an extra, it made my day. chris evans has always been my favorite actor, and to think that he gets to play one of my family members,just blow me away. i can not wait to see this movie, and meet chris. it must have been hard for chris and my dad to do this. for chris, because, my uncle was such a character, as i hear. and for my dad, because, it was basically reliving this all. parts of the movie i have heard about, such as the animal scenes, seem CRAZY! i truly dont know how chris pulled it off, but he did. and that is why i am saying this again, thanks so chris, i really truly appreciate what you have done. i can not wait to meet you. i promise i wont scream and freak out like a little girl.... THNKS SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN TO EVERYONE! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

    sophie weiss