Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scott talks about his brother Chris

( Scott Evans)
After Elton was speaking with Scott Evans about the wonderful year he had last year. In 2009 Scott was outed in the media by his brother Chris Evans and turned his small role in the soap One Life To Live into huge by playing a gay cop.
This is what Scott had to say about his brother, when After Elton asked him if he could do a movie with Chris, what kind of movie it would be:

After Elton: You're also close to your brother [film actor Chris Evans], and you've said before that you'd like to work with him on a movie. If you could make any kind of movie with him, what would you like to do?

Scott Evans: I know that whatever we do, it has to be something where we play brothers or friends, because being around each other for the holidays, just hanging out with each other, we complement each other so well in our jokes and everything.

We're very much the same person. We always say we're the same person except he likes women and I like men. I was just texting him this morning. He's down in Houston shooting a movie and he was asking me when One Life to Live was on, and I was like, "You're not watching that," and he said, "I'm in my hotel with nothing to do." I don't even think I was on today.

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