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The Story So Far - A Biography (chapter three)

The Story So Far - A Biography

Chapter Three

The year 2004 had another big movie role for Chris in store, Cellular. In this movie Chris played the role of Ryan, a young man who receives an emergency phonecall from an unknown woman who claims to have been kidnapped. The woman, Jessica Martin, is played by Kim Basinger and her kidnapper (Greer) is played by Jason Statham.

At first Ryan thinks the phonecall is a joke, but then Jessica gets Ryan's attention when she tells him that her kidnappers are going to kill her husband and son. About Cellular Chris said in an interview:"Cellular was the first film that I really felt my friends might actually enjoy. This is a film that I can be really proud of. Not to say that I'm not proud of my other films, but this is definitely a different calibre in a way."

(William H. Macy (who played the role of Sgt. Bob Mooney), Kim Basinger and Chris Evans at the Cellular premiere)

Although Cellular was a very entertaining film, had nonstop action in it and a great cast it wasn't a box-office hit.

There was one actress in Cellular who won Chris's heart. Jessica Biel played the role of Chloe in the movie. She and Chris started dating and they had a relationship for over two years. In June 2006 though their relationship ended.

In 2005 Chris Evans, Jessica Biel and Jason Statham joined forces again in the movie London. In this movie Chris played Syd a drug-addict who is missing his ex-girlfriend London, played by Jessica Biel.

When Syd finds out that a friend of London is throwing her a going away party, he decides to go to the party without an invitation and is joined by his dealer (Jason Statham).

It's 2005 when a Storm breaks loose...

(to be continued...)

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